On January 8, 2016, Joaquín Guzmán is recaptured following his escape from a maximum security prison in Mexico. Eventually he is sent to the United States to face trial as a person often regarded as the world’s most powerful drug trafficker. He is most commonly known as El Chapo. The work El Chapo operated has often been discussed with words describing the criminial but also business aspects of his activity. This is because the black makert drug industry is…an industry. Guzmán was successful in part because he was a ruthless criminal, but he was a legend because he was good at business. The British journalist, Tom Wainwright, gives his readers an idea what being a successful businessman and gangster takes with his book, Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel.

Book Title: Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel

Book Author: Tom Wainwright

ISBN Number: 1610395832

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