On November 3, 1534, English Parliament passes the first Act of Supremacy. This act makes King Henry VIII head of the Anglican Church, supplanting the pope and the Roman Catholic Church. In the time leading up to this point, Henry VIII tried annulling his decades-long marriage to Queen Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne Boleyn and produce a living male heir. 

Wolf Hall takes readers to this turbulent and introduces them to the crucial players through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell. Born in a working-class family of no influence, Cromwell rose to become Cardinal Thomas Wolsey’s right-hand man and adviser to the King. After surviving Wolsey’s fall from grace, he took his place as the most powerful of Henry’s ministers.

Book Title: Wolf Hall : a novel

Book Author: Mantel, Hilary

Dewey Decimal Call Number: FIC MAN

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