On March 26, 1911, Tennessee Williams is born in Columbus, Mississippi in the United States. During his career, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was just one of many works he is well-known for. It was written during the height of his career and has been adopted many times in the theater, film (both American and Bollywood), and television. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1955. Earlier another play of his, A Streetcar Named Desire was given the same prize in 1948. Both works explore themes Williams has often been associated with including mental health and grappling with homosexuality in a world that does not accept it. The Pulitzer almost did not award Cat on a Hot Tin Roof the 1955 prize, but the decision was finally called by Joseph Pulitzer Jr. who personally advocated for its worth.

Book Title: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Book Author: Tennessee Williams

ISBN Number: 0811216012 (ISBN13: 9780811216012)

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