On March 8,the world celebrates Women’s Day. It is used sometimes as a day of protest and celebration depending. It is not consistently celebrated by all countries. Russia recognizes it as an official holiday. It is only culturally observed in the United States. Berlin, Germany will officially celebrate it as a public holiday in 2019. In recognition of the fight and strength women possess, Leigh Bardugo introduces Wonder Woman: Warbringer as the first installment of the first book in the DC Icons Series. A teenage Diana yearns to prove herself to her fellow Amazons but her opportunity comes with breaking Amazon law as much as bringing glory. She saves a mortal, but not just any mortal. Her name is Alia Keralis and she is a Warbringer.

Book Title: Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons, #1)

Book Author: Leigh Bardugo

ISBN Number: 0399549730 (ISBN13: 9780399549731)

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