On November 9, 1989, the enforcement of the Berlin Wall falls. East Germany opens its checkpoints. German citizens from East German can now freely cross into West Berlin. Understanding the impact of this world event can seem too abstract and foreign to grasp for many people today, especially those born after the Cold War. This is where young adult books like Cloud and Wallfish can be useful. Anne Nesbet gives us the story of Noah Keller whose life completely changes in 1989 when one day he learns he and his family isn’t who he has always thought they were. His parents whisk him away from his old life and behind the Iron Curtain into East Berlin. Nesbet’s protagonist goes through a roller coaster of trust and learning who he and his parents actually are. It reflects on the mood of the time. There is history in the air.

Book Title: Cloud and Wallfish

Book Author: Nesbet, Anne

Dewey Decimal Call Number: JFIC NES

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