On November 8, 1987, a Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb exploded near the Enniskillen’s war memorial during a Remembrance Sunday ceremony being held to commemorate British military war dead. Eleven people (ten civilians and a police officer) were killed in the Northern Ireland town. Sixty-three were injured. The IRA claimed it as a mistake. Their target had been the British soldiers parading to the memorial. The incident has since been referred commonly as the¬†Remembrance Day bombing.

The conflict in Northern Ireland has inspired many novels. A notable example in terms of capturing the humor and humanity of the sides involved would be Eureka Street by Robert Wilson. His novel follows the life journeys of two men, a Protestant and a Catholic as they try to find love in battered and conflicted Belfast. 

Book Title: Eureka Street

Book Author: Wilson, Robert McLiam

Dewey Decimal Call Number: FIC WIL

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