On October 12, European explore Christopher Columbus lands on the island called Guanahaní, which would later be renamed San Salvador Island by its European explorers. It would mark the beginning of vast cultural and population extinction on the land and the lands surrounding it. Life became for the peoples of the Plains particularly a life of subjugation and poverty. Rising narratives of the native tribes of the European’s new world would be better expressed in culture and literature by writers like David Treuer.

In 2012, Treuer published his fourth work, Rez Life: An Indian’s Journey Through Reservation Life, was first published in 2012. It is partly a memoir of his life growing up with journalistic qualities to examine political issues frequently experienced on Native American reservations. 

Book Title: Rez Life

Book Author: Treuer, David

Dewey Decimal Call Number: 970.5 T 2012

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